Record Automatic Doors

Innovative Entrance Solutions Since 1953

The AGTA RECORD Group is among the worlds leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. Group headquarter is located in Fehraltorf, Switzerland. The Company produces and supplies high-quality products to its global markets via 26 subsidiaries and 200 agencies.

The product range includes Sliding, Folding, Swing and Revolving doors, Airtight and Hygienic doors, One-Way door systems, and Safety doors for use in escape and rescue routes. AGTA RECORD also manufactures Telescopic, Round and Angled sliding doors, as well as Burglar resistant models.

Door system peripherals are in-house developments and manufactured exclusively by record in Switzerland using State of the art design, digital controls and CAN-Bus technology. User friendly and transparent information from digital operator panel BDE-D, plus Best performing sensors. All products are engineered & designed to comply with latest European safety standards.

Swing Door Operators

Record swing door operators, force is applied to the door leaf by means of a swinging arm, thus enabling it to open and close. Automating doors with two leaves enables them to have the largest possible clear opening width.

Break-out systems

This door system allows both door leaves and side panels to be swivelled outwards by 90° using (adjustable) pressure from the inside. The leaves and panels can then be placed to the side. The total opening system is recommended for use in escape and rescue routes and for buildings with vehicle traffic or bulky items.

Folding Door

The record folding door is ideal when space is tight but quick and easy access is necessary. This model is easily integrated into most entrances, and can be fitted both in front of an opening as well as between two side walls. The perfect solution to keep the cost of building modifications as low as possible.

Curved Sliding Door

The curved automatic sliding door for special entrances. Enhances the elegance and style of any building.

Angular Sliding Door

Thanks to its clever design, the record angled sliding door gives the entrance or façade of any building that special touch.

Linear Telescopic Sliding Doors

This elegant automatic sliding door makes any entrance special, and enables particularly large opening widths. Available as single or two-leaf models, with either two or four sliding door leaves. Complete installation available in lightweight record profiles, or in heavy-duty insulated glass.

Linear Sliding Doors

This linear, slim-line, exceptionally elegant sliding door is the result of decades of experience at developing and manufacturing top quality products with innovative technologies and materials. Linear Sliding door systems are available in standard or customized 4designer5 models.