Material: Aluminium – Glass
Used glass types: Tempered 8-10 mm
Colour options for profiles: RAL- Eloxal- special colours
Colour options for accessories: Colour options for plastic accessories are only black and grey
Max. panel width: 1200 mm
Max. panel height: 2300 mm

Profile System

  • This system is used raised places form the ground as windows
  • Parking variations is possible left, right or both side by treshold bottom profile
  • 2 types of bottom and uppes profiles are available. These are 3 and 5 rails


  • All fittings are concealed within the profiles
  • Low-meintenance, non-corroding and failsafe fittings
  • Inside and/or outside locking possible
  • Left and right side locking possible owing to new desing lock
  • Stainless steel and/or aluminium handles eligible optionally
  • Optionally grey and black colour accessories are available
  • Metal covers are standart (paintable to any colour)


  • Every panel fitted low-maintenance and non-corroding rollers
  • Polyamid coated and high quality rollers are used
  • Low noise, low corrosion and high resistance to cold and hot affect

Sealing and Ventilation

  • The gaps between the panes are 3-5 mm>
  • Effacement the gaps between the panes with Using with aluminium profiles
  • Brush gaskets are fitted horizontally to top and on the vertical frame inside and outside
  • This system is more suitable for partition of the offices and interior of the houses


  • 8 or 10 mm tempered safety glass panes.
  • Glass panes are fixed as safely to bottom of the panel profiles fasten with silicone adhesive

Colour Options

  • There are 4 kind of standard colour options as ;Eloxal, white, wooden and pres (without colour)
  • As an optional, able to paint with all the  RAL colours