Our Products

  • Record Automatic Doors

    The AGTA RECORD Group is among the worlds leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. Group headquarter is located in Fehraltorf, Switzerland. The Company produces and supplies high-quality products to its global markets via 26 subsidiaries and 200 agencies.

  • Blasi Special Doors

    BLASI in-ground door systems from our INTEGRATION range were specially developed to avoid large head-profiles or transoms. As the drive system is completely hidden in the floor build-up can specific architectural and aesthetical requirements be achieved if all technical limitations can be fulfilled. The advantage is shown in our design where with this in-ground system we comply in the perfect transparency of every façade or structural glass wall.

  • Blasi Revolving Doors

    Revolving doors from BLASI are technically well engineered, silent and offer the perfect solution for your entrance. Two-, three- or four-leaf revolving doors, with or without a show case, night shutters and constructions with diameters up to 7500mm, everything is possible.

  • Vizyon Glazing systems

    Balcony Glazing Systems, the system can be adapted for all type of balconies. When it is cold outside, the balcony may still be a comfortable temperature, providing attractive and comfortable extra space during most parts of the year. It is extremely easy to use and can be opened completely for cleaning.